Sandel: The Case Against Perfection Case Study

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Sandel - The Case Against Perfection
Thesis: While genetic enhancement allows humans to improve our talents, genetic enhancement would lower appreciation for human life and talents and overall it would be detrimental to the human condition to partake in genetic enhancement.

Premise 1: If genetic enhancement improves the talents of future generations, those generations will no longer appreciate those talents as gifts and will carry a heavier burden to make use of the talents they were given at birth, potentially limiting their options.

Premise 2: Genetic interference to prevent a health issue does not change the talent of the human being and therefore does not betray the integrity of natural human condition.

Premise 3: If it is wrong
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Specifically the article states that Parens, “... counsels caution in our eagerness for genetically eliminating anything that appears to cause pain or discomfort, and a deeper analysis of what it is that we receive from the experience of living with disadvantages and diseases.” This point is made specifically in regards to human adolescence, which is an awkward and potentially painful experience in the human lifespan, but after enduring adolescence humans appreciate their adult experience more. Due to this, the argument stands that humans should be careful not to change anything that seems to present hardship. However, while this statement holds some merit, I do not believe that it extends to anything, as the author puts it. There are some instances where the disadvantages, unlike puberty, will never yield positive results, such as with severe cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis. In these instances the affected person will never outgrow the experience or be better off for it. The statement should instead present the argument that humans should exhibit caution and careful consideration before acting upon genetic enhancement in order to make sure the alteration is in the best interest of the
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