Sandra Bland : Black America 's Little Dark Secret Essay

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Sandra Bland: Black America’s Little Dark Secret This article started out as a post on Facebook, where I openly expressed my pain and frustration surrounding the death of Sandra Bland, and the possibility that the black community has some culpability in her demise. I felt the need to share it on a broader platform, while expanding on the concept on which I make my claim. Let’s discuss, with veracity, what happened to Sandra Bland. As I open up the following possibilities and realities, it is immensely important to understand that I am not an advocate of law enforcement. In fact, I have very little confidence in law enforcement and its current culture of treating blacks as hostile aliens to a nation that was built on the backs of their ancestors. This is a clarion being sounded to the black community that our slip is hanging. I’m Hurting Right Now! The more that I look at this Sandra Bland case, the more saddened and frustrated I become. The truth is, black people, we have some culpability in this as well. We don’t want to face the possibility of the darkness that may very well be at the core of this tragic situation. Yes, I fervently question the overzealous behavior of the trooper that decided to escalate the situation instead of deescalate it, as he was trained to do. Yes, I am aware that there are some questions concerning the initial release of the dash-cam video, which illuminates the willingness of law enforcement to cover its ass, at all costs. Yes, I know that the

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