Sandra Cisneros And Reyna Grande’S Representation Of Their

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Sandra Cisneros and Reyna Grande’s representation of their liminal identities contribute to the understanding of the formation of transnational identities. Their liminal identities are elaborated through the descriptions of their physical and emotional journeys across material and ideological borders that do not recognize transnational identities. To begin, in the jigsaw autobiography A House of My Own (2015) Cisneros mediates between her experience of growing up in Chicago, excavating into her Mexican father’s family history, being perceived as a gringa in Mexico and as working class writer. In “An Ofrenda for My Father on Day of the Dead” Cisneros stresses the fundamental contributions that her father’s Mexican lineage added to her…show more content…
Lala is able to do this partially due to her state of liminality that pushes her to question her belong-ness between her Mexican and United States position. Recalling Stoller (2009) that argues that those individuals (or ethnographers) in liminal positions have the facility to neutrally critique the binaries that surround them. In Lala’s situation since she does not possess a concrete sense of belonging to either Mexico or the United States can neutrally elaborate a critique of the source of her Mexican family pride. First, her paternal great-grandfather fled Spain to Mexico; next, her grandfather escaped the danger of the Mexican revolution to the U.S.; later, her father ventured to the U.S. where he fought on the war. Lala’s father afraid for punishment due to his poor academic performance immigrated to the U.S., but unlike the predominant migration narrative he was not escaping extreme poverty or violence; hence once in the U.S. encounter various jobs and even the need for him to fight with the U.S. army. In these three generations of migrations various push and pull factors are observed headlining the diversity of the reason of why people migrate. The first migration is of colonization when Spaniards feel the great pull to come to the Americans and appropriate its wealth and prosper. The second wave of migration draws attention to push factors like war that motivate people to leave their home. Alternately, the last

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