Sandra J. Eleczko D. S.: A Case Study

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Parents in the Livonia, NY area choose Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S. as their family dentist, because her practice focuses on patient comfort and preventative care. According to Dr. Eleczko and her team of dental hygienists, instilling great oral care habits in children is one of the best predictors of positive oral health into adulthood.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to make sure your kiddos grow up with healthy habits and low-maintenance pearly whites, try these 3 tips from the family dentistry team at Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S.:

Keep sugar consumption to a minimum: Dentists say it over and over again, but that’s because it’s true! One of the best things you, as a parent can do to prevent tooth decay (and unnecessary weight gain), is
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