Sandusky Scandal Essay

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Pennsylvania State University Scandal 1
Pennsylvania State University Scandal
Contribution and Cover-up of Sexual Abuse
OL-500 Human Behavior in Organization
Southern New Hampshire University
C. LaMour Romine
October 2, 2014
Pennsylvania State University Scandal 2
This research paper will discuss the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Sexual Child Abuse Scandal, involving perpetrator Jerry Sandusky; and its cover up by university officials. This research is centered on Organizational Behavior (OB) and its’ function within a business including the capacity of understanding organizational culture and how it operates. In the concepts that govern OB and the Penn State scandal, the research
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In 2011 the initial shock of the media and reports of the Sandusky scandal uncovering years of victims and allegations, left spectators in disbelief. The idea that this type of abuse went undetected from 1994 to 2009 seemed preposterous. The fact of the matter is that Sandusky was enabled to continue his abuse through high ranking school officials sweeping Sandusky’s behavior under the rug (Chappell, 2012).
The school officials that contributed to covering up the Sandusky scandal were: Penn State athletic director Tim Curley, senior vice president for finance and business including overseeing the university police Gary Schultz, Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno and university president, Graham Spanier. All four of the elite university officials became informed of Sandusky’s sexual misconduct by a graduate assistant Mike McQueary who later became assistant coach to Paterno (Chappell, 2012). After Sandusky’s sexual misconduct was officially brought to the attention of these key officials the solution was to basically punish Sandusky by telling him he is no longer allowed to shower with the boys on campus facilities. The core group
Pennsylvania State University Scandal 5 of officials completely ignored the fact that the boy Sandusky was seen by McQuary engaging in a sexual act at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday, was no more than 10 years of age; which warrants the question why the
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