Sandwich Blitz Unit 3 Essay

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On the other side of the steam curtain Jatt intends to follow Bing to jump across the wide gap on the same ramp, Ray warns him immediately: ‘You want to get kill? they may wait for us all stupid guys using the same ramp go to hell by aiming one position! Hey folks, let's go to the forest dirt spraying dust onto them, see if we could narrow their scope of activities.’ They spread wide driving to the forest beginning to spin as Bing did a resemblance to a bee dance. On the reverse side Bing twists his motorbike around and stops aiming with his machine gun to the curtain steam. The flea invisible robots jump through the steam curtain also as portion of them dive into the steaming gap in a blink of an eye tended to continue their unknown mission.…show more content…
Just because the flea control center doesn't let the fleas to shoot beams hence may expose their position, thus a few invisible flea robots kick several Ray team crews into the steam gap and hop away. The other crews return a few shoots and looking for the suitable fallen wood plates as the ramps to jump. Several crews did splash the dust to a few invisible objects and strafe them with laser beams and machine guns, the other crews exploited the shooting cover and jump across the steam gap recklessly, cause some invisible objects step on the other end of the ramps like striking seesaw effect thus some crews are being sprung up and drop into the gap of steam. But some of the crews are determinated and resolute, they follow the trail or footprints of the objects and picked the nearby dirt ramps to jump across the gap behind the invisible flea robots. While they're in the air they see the sparkling lights in the thin air, in other words that might be Bing fired bullets hit on the crust of the objects and bounce out; they got a cold sweat cause if not behind the objects they may be hit by the bullets too. So as they landed they scold Bing not to fire
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