Sang Kuriang Hunts Essay

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The story happens when goddess freely come to earth and roam around while they were bored in kähɣangan which at that time people call it heaven. Hyang Krian and Wayung Jelita were a lover among other goddess which serves heaven king, Sang Hyang Rajha inside KäHYANGAN castle. One night they were caught wandering around on earth neglecting their job. The king was so furious and they were punished and banished from the land of god to roam the earth with their four legs. HYANG KRIAN was cursed to be a black furious looking dog while WAYUNG JELITA became a lovely deer.
Sang Hyang Rajha promise he would permit them back if they spend their time on earth doing good thing and helping people, also seamlessly doing SEMEDI and TIRAKAT as a prayer to
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When king PURBAKARA were held a feast for the coming royals, king Aswatama successfully kidnap the princess and trying to carry her using a common carriage. She prayed to the gods and vowed that anyone who saves her will become a sisterly-princess to her, or if a man, she would marry him.
One god heard her cry and vow. HYANG KRIAN, who was a black dog attacked the carriage and save the princess. Confused that a dog saved her instead of human, the princess running back to her castle with the black dog did not want to leave her side. When LARASHATI told the story to the king, he became so furious and started to attack the dog. But the dog was so powerful and the fight lasted until dawn. When the sun rose, the king was defeated.
King PURBAKARA told to her daughter to keep her vow to gods and marry the dogs. With shamed, the princes accepted the dog to be her husband and left the kingdom to live inside a jungle because she could not stand to hear everyone mocking her.
At her surprised, only one day in a month, when the moon shine the brightest, the dog turned into a beautiful and very handsome man. And eventually, she fall in love with him and get pregnant. When HYANG KRIAN was in dog’s form, he was called “TUMANG”.
Years passed by and she give birth to a baby boy and she named him “KURIANG”. With tumang as his teacher, he learned lots of martial arts and spiritual power. And he became a very skillful hunter and fighter. One day,
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