Sanger Automotive Companies: the Fisker Franchise Decision

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National Agro-Food Policy (2011-2020) in Agriculture Sector In Malaysia, agriculture remains an important sector and it plays role as food providers, create employments and generate earnings from export products. The development of the agricultural sector is generally governed by a comprehensive and market driven agricultural policies. The agricultural policies were formulated and have enabled the agricultural sector to grow sustainably and also contributed to economy development in Malaysia. The agricultural policy set the direction for the agricultural sector. As a result, this sector has been transformed from a conventional and passive sector that focused on single commodity to a dynamic, diversified and modern sector. There are…show more content…
Under National Agro-Food Policy, agriculture sector has been identified as a National Key Result Area. Under this initiative, the agriculture sector is targeted to increase the Gross National Income by RM28.9 Billion (USD9.1 billion) to reach RM49.1 billion (USD15.4 billion) by 2020. The agricultural sector is also targeted to create more than 109,000 job opportunities by 2020, primarily in the rural areas. The National Agro-Food policy has incorporated strategies that are in line with the nutritional aspects of the food system. The programs implemented under the policy include increased food production through optimization and sustainable land, development and upgrading agriculture infrastructure and increase the quality and safety of food by expanding the compliance of standard. Efforts have also been taken to strengthen human capital and to ensure sufficient skill labor force in the agricultural sector. This includes the use of modern technology and mechanization to reduce the dependency of manpower. The government also provides sector-based incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in the agriculture and agro-based industry. The development of the agriculture sector is an ongoing process to promote to Malaysia’s economy. However, the agricultural sector is facing new issues such as changes in global economy and trade liberalization. The agricultural sector requires new strategies that can address issues in order

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