Sanger-Fisker Case

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MKT 412A-CE | Sanger-Fisker Case | Philip Carr | 10/28/2014 10/28/2014 Major Issue or Decision: The two parties up for question in this case study are the Sanger and Fisker Automotive Companies. Sanger is a privately owned company that currently maintains eight highly reputable dealerships in the Florida and Georgia area, most of which fall into the luxury car category. The Sanger Automotive Company has been able to position themselves as a well-known and trusted car dealer in the area that began with its first Cadillac dealership in 1950. Currently the organizations President is Robert Sanger, son of the founder, whose main goal is to maintain his company’s reputation for delivering exceptional customer service when using any…show more content…
A major concern that contributes to such a broad estimate of units sold is the buyer behavior for the product type. Current individual purchasers of electric vehicles tend to come from household that live in suburban locations with a warmer climate, own two or more cars, and have a household income exceeding $100,000. From this Sanger can feel more at ease with these predictions because the market he will be serving fits this demographic perfectly, so if increases in units sold did occur they would be more probable to take place at Sangers dealership if he signs with Fisker. After this the purchasing decision is derived from Vehicle price, concern’s about travel range, and the size of the car, specifically relating to trunk space. These are all product factors that can only be changed over time as perception of the electric car product is shaped in the consumers mind through a multitude of marketing tactics, something that a small scale dealer like Sanger will never truly have a major influence on. These factors can only go two ways, one is the negative perception of the electric plug-in remains constant as consumers fail to see the benefits of the new product type and the market continues to rely on gas powered vehicles, or consumers view the perceived value of the electric cars as being more beneficial both economically and environmentally. The ladder

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