Sanibel, Florida: The Nature and Biodiversity Protection Program

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The City of Sanibel is a 12 mile long island (12,000 acres) with ecosystems ranges from coastal beaches, dunes, upland ridges to freshwater wetland to mangrove swamps off the in the Gulf of Mexico (Duerksen & Snyder, 2005). This small community cherishes its cultural, social, ecological, and economic diversity. Their permanent population of 6,000 residents choose to live in harmony with nature; creating a human settlement distinguished by its diversity, beauty, uniqueness, character, and stewardship. Sanibel has become know as the most effective and progressive nature and biodiversity protection program in the U.S.
Sanibel Island, Florida, is home to a landmark wildlife habitat protection program that is as groundbreaking today as it was
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After reading and analyzing the environmental in Sanibel Florida, I am impressed that Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of its aquatic resources and coastal habitats on their island Sanibel (SCCF, 2013). We all could learn a lot from this city through their hardships and through their Comprehensive Land Use Plan. We cloud learn from their mistakes of other coastal communities that had developed so intensively they sacrificed the very thing that was the foundation of a tourism-based economy. Not to be deterred, a small group of citizens began the movement for home rule and the right to determine the future of the island. The city is head of its time back in the 70s and still to this day when it come the environmental friendly and dedicated in conservation through acquisitions and land management. The city if Sanibel is a role model for other cities to follow when it comes to wildlife habitat and environment protection program and plans (Duerksen & Snyder, 2005).

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