Sanitation And Child 's Health

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Furthermore, there is strong association between sanitation and child’s health as Sanitation is the other important factor for health lifestyle. People in Ethiopia do not even have the accessibility to safe drinking water (Mazur, 2017). Insanitation is the major cause for acute diarrheal diseases in children and hence malnutrition. Educated mother will tend to maintain more hygiene surroundings than illiterate ones. It was found that chances of acute malnutrition are 14 folds higher in children whose mother does not frequently wash their hands than those who wash more frequently (Mazur, 2017). There are no facilities available to educate pregnant women regarding the health of their child and nutrition. Not attending antenatal care also…show more content…
Female teachers can voluntarily participate to organize campaigns to teach women regarding the nutritional requirements of their body during pregnancy and that of their child. They should also be made aware about the importance of breastfeeding their child. Leaders can make policies in which education till secondary level should be made mandatory for all. Parental illiteracy can be dealt in this way, which will help to reduce poverty and will improve child’s health. Education is the key for every solution. It will also contribute to reduce unemployment rate in Ethiopia and thus poverty and ultimately malnutrition. NGOs can also invest in campaigns and can help school authorities to provide education. They can also provide free lunch boxes to children at schools. Poverty also needs to be addressed first if we want to remove malnutrition and hunger in Ethiopia. Executive directors of World Bank, other national and international organizations should try to financially support the country to improve quality and quantity of its agriculture. Private sector representatives can also provide help in this by raising funds from donations (Gillespie, Haddad, Mannar, Menon, & Nisbett, 2013). In addition, medical sector can also considerably help to combat this problem. Medical health officers should provide health service package to treat malnutrition related illness. Health care professionals should be encouraged to volunteer serve
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