Sanity and Substance

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America is said to be one of the most advanced countries in the world. But the people living in it are far from advanced. Millions of Americans are not happy, they either become depressed because of material things, become addicted to substances you receive for being crazy, or are forced to be classified as insane or ‘special’. Over the course of 12 months, Americans have a 27% chance of having some sort of ‘mental disorder’ whether it is a personality disorder, eating disorder, anxiety disorder, and/or mood disorder. That is approximately 85 million Americans suffering in one year. This statistic is extremely high compared to other countries. Israel’s mental disorder percentage over the course of 12 months is only 6 percent, that’s over…show more content…
Just like ADHD, all of the definitions and diagnostics of these diseases are based on a set of behaviors. If someone wanted to be put on medication, all they would have to do is read the behaviors in the manual and display them while at a therapist. One of the most revolting definitions is the diagnostic explanation of Autism. Although autism is a very real disorder with very physical problems the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders simply lists behaviors that are actually quite common among children instead of the actual medical problem. Why is that? And why are psychiatrists listed as medical personnel when they simply observe behaviors instead of doing actual diagnostics. The whole system of mental disorders is rigged to accommodate what the government thinks is best. Ritalin makes obedient children that walk around lifeless like zombies. Antidepressants make the user feel as if they have no feelings, not even rage. If everyone in the United States was on drugs such as these there would be hardly no crime, just a life less, feeling-less, numb population of people that listen and behave as the government thinks that they should. That is the reason why there are ABSOLOUTELY no scientific testing done for almost any kind of mental disorder because the effects when used orally are pleasing to the government. What the government hasn’t quit
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