Sanity in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Sanity in Hamlet The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines insanity as, “a deranged state of the mind that usually occurs as a specific disorder”. In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet is considered to be insane by many due to his unstable, deranged behavior and his attitude towards others. Hamlet does an outstanding job of acting insane throughout the play, so good, in fact, that his insanity is questioned to actually be truthful. The answer to Hamlet's madness lies in the actual reasons for his insanity. Although Hamlet’s constant altering behavior was scrutinized by individuals as being psychotic, we can not forget that his father was just murdered and he wishes to uncover the truthfulness of his father’s death and avenge the killer. Hamlet chooses to to change his behavior in order to try to put pressure on Claudius to reveal the truth of his father’s murder, he displays rational and intelligent thinking in planning as well as in responding to unplanned situations, and he has been upset by the recent events that have happened in his life, all of which could create a false image of insanity. Hamlet must make conscious decisions in his interactions with Claudius in order to make an effort to uncover the truth of his father’s murder. If Hamlet were to act his normal self it would be obvious that he knows about the murder, so he comes up with a plan to display a deranged manner to throw everyone off as to what he does or does not know about the murder. If King Claudius found out

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