Sanity in William Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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Sanity in William Shakespeare's Hamlet

Hamlet is a play about a man who has had a father killed by his uncle, after this act of treachery the uncle then marries Hamlet’s mother. Hamlet is sane in this play because prior to going “insane” he informs us he is going to. If Hamlet were truly insane he would not be able to tell others that he is going to act insane as of a certain point in time. Hamlet would try to deny insanity, not pride himself in the fact that he is insane. Hamlet uses insanity as a way to express himself, almost as if he thought people would think it was normal for him to these things because he was insane. Hamlet is sane in the play because he can think and act normally, he
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The crowd would act along with him laughing and such, but when he did act most insanely the crowd was shocked and appalled. Hamlet’s problem is that he does too much inward thinking and that he has no sensory awareness (Coleridge). He does not want instant revenge because he has to think things through, a characteristic of sanity.

Hamlet still acts sane at certain points in the play when talking to the ones he told that he was going to act insane. When insane he would not be able to act sane and always remember to act sane around certain people throughout the play. He states right at the beginning of the play he is doing it as an act to seek revenge on his father. The ghost of his father brings on hamlet’s insanity, but there were also other people there to witness it. If Hamlet were insane he would have seen the ghost alone, since they have seen him as well Hamlet can trust them and act sane around them. “Which I have told thee of my father’s death”, this happens during the play of which Claudius is confronted, Hamlet has told Haratio of his father’s terrible death showing that he can trust him, so he has no reason to act insane (3. 2. 77). He is not trying to hint at his father’s death to Haratio like he is to others in the play, so he has no reason to act insane. Hamlets uses of puns in the play were a way for emotional relief (Eliot).
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