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Assignment Two Business Background Research Report -To be or Not to be Ethical in Business? Research Target: Sanlu Group Student Name: Lin Li Student Number: 3266036 Date: 18/4/2011 Executive Summary Sanlu Group was one of the oldest and most popular brands of dairy product company in China, August 2008, the outbreak of melamine contaminated infant milk powder, a sharp decline in corporate reputation occurred. December 2008, Sanlu Group declared bankrupt by the court. Although the shocked "Sanlu milk powder “incident has been settled, the milk powder incident has hazed to the Chinese people psychologically, and physically. The root causes of these problems, in addition to the interests of suppliers…show more content…
What policies, procedures and corporate programs do they run? b. Are they an ethical organization that can be used as a model for global companies? c. What aspects can be used as a model? 1. Data-collection Methods Basically, different data has been collected from different sources. The following table shows the place of sources have been collected by different contents. Contents | Sources | Company Information | Internet | Events | News paper, report, stuff interview, Video documentary. | Definition | | Melamine and human health | World health organization reports | Food market data | China national food safety website | 2. Data Analyze MethodsBy analyze these collected data, the author compares reports and news from different region (basically Chinese local information and western country information). | Results and Foundlings 1. Introduction of Sanlu enterprise group. Sanlu group - Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Holding Co., Ltd. was a local Chinese dairy products company based in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province. It is one of the top 100 Chinese food industry, a row selected 6 in the top 500 of Chinese enterprises. Shijiazhuang city key supports Enterprise. It has won the “May 1” Labor certificate; national light manufacturing top ten businesses; National Advanced Quality Administration Prize; Chinese food industrial quality performance business enterprise and other 200

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