Santa Clara Research Paper

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Santa Clara University was founded in 1851, this school obtains the oldest operating institution of higher learning in California. Santa Clara offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The tuition for SCU annually starts at $45,300. Santa Clara University offers biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, sociology and many more. All these programs are a necessity in order to become a pediatrician or a job that majors in medicine. Usually it takes four years to finish undergraduate and from there the student has the choice to study their graduate at the same school or to move to a different school to finish graduate school. Santa Clara University is located in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara’s has lovely weather. Usually hot or…show more content…
As well as pediatricians, nurses get the same benefits. For example they get health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and they also get job security. Since many hospitals are packed with patients, they are in need of a lot of nurses. After high school, students should be taking classes related to medicine. For example, students should complete courses on Biology, Nutrition, Sociology, Human anatomy, Chemistry, Statistics, nursing care for children and elderly, as well as many other courses. After school, nurses need a nursing program diploma, in order to start working. Many different hospitals and clinics offer jobs for nurses only if the person obtained a bachelor's degree, or higher. A suited province for a nurse is anywhere. Since medicine constantly differs from country to country a student may take time to find a job, but eventually they will start working. The projection of this job came to mind. Throughout the years the percent growth arose to sixteen. In 2014, there were at least 2,751,000 jobs offered. As well as a pediatrician, nurses can easily switch laterally to another field. Some options include a physician assistant or even a doctor. Keep in mind, in order to move up the ladder, a student needs to go back to school. Usually it takes two to four years to become a physician assistant, but for a doctor it takes
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