Santa Claus Argumentative Essay

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The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Boogeyman, and Santa Claus, what do all of these have in common? For me, it is the innocence of a child. Children seem to be more gullible and believe anything you tell them; they do not know the difference between a lie and the truth. During the Christmas of 2003, I was five years old and still believed in Santa Claus. The fact of believing in Santa Claus expresses the innocence of a child and brings the magic to Christmas. Looking back on this picture I do not remember what I had received in the white knitted stocking my great grandma had knitted me two years before, but I do remember the excitement of waking up that morning to find the presents that Mr. Santa Claus had brought me, not my parents.…show more content…
They would see a young girl in a red Christmas dress excited to see what was in her stocking. Not that the fact that her parents had lied to her about a fictional character: to excite her, to persuade her to be good all year, and carry on a tradition. To me, this picture has more meaning than showing the spirit of Christmas. For me now, this picture reminds me of the times when I was easily persuaded to believe in lies, was not aware of the cruel world where people take advantage of children’s innocents, there was no dream too big or too small, and finally where everyone was my friend, there was not jr high drama or who is dating who. Looking at this picture allows the viewer to see a glimpse into my life, but what they see and what I see are different. I see my innocents, and they see a smiling, happy, little girl in a red dress, opening her stocking. The times where I still believed in Mr. Santa Claus was an easier time. I was unaware of what was to come in the next…show more content…
In Christmas of 2004, the atmosphere was different. There are no pictures of little girls in red Christmas dresses digging through their stockings. I remember waking up with my cat storm and opening my presents, but this time not from Santa Claus, or my parents, but from my grandparents. During the end of 2003, my parents were going through a divorce due to actions of my biological mother. My grandparents were given custody of my sister and myself. In the year of 2004, I was hospitalized for my asthma 3 times. Imagine laying in bed weak, so weak you cannot pick up a glass of water, and you cannot breathe, it feels like your head has been stuck inside a plastic
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