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Santa Claus Does Exist

So you don’t believe in Santa Claus. It’s understandable. We find ourselves in an age of pure skepticism. We question everything. Science has taken hold of our lives, providing answers for all questions and dismissing anything that cannot be explained as either myth or fiction. So it’s quite understandable why you don’t believe, with no physical proof of his existence. It’s indeed understandable to lose sight of Father Christmas with the transformation of this holiday into one that, as of late, is used commercially as a lucrative crutch solely to make profit. It’s understandable to abandon Santa Claus after hearing countless people deny his very physical or even spiritual existence. After all, one tends to
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With the wreaths and Yule logs that come standard with this holiday comes a caring from deep in the hearts of people unbeknownst to them at any other time of the year. At the sight of the Christmas decor and the flames roaring at the hearth, a warmth envelops the heart, one with which no flame, however hot, could compete. We see in our gift-wrap and our greeting cards and our holiday stockings an entirely new persona occupying this world we live in, reprieving us from the daily heartaches we all know as familiar.

Santa Claus must exist. How else would you describe this change in the way humans interact during these otherwise dreary winter months? Santa Claus is the catalyst of human goodness, sparking within us a genuine care for our neighbor, bringing us together for this wonderful season. Think of a world without Santa Claus!

While your intelligence is gnawing at the lack of proof (the absent shred of red cloth torn by the fireplace or the nonexistent cookie crumbs leading from the tree up the chimney), I believe even still, just as millions upon millions believe in some type of god. As you deny Santa Claus on the grounds of no proof, I accept him on those same grounds. Who are we to deny something we cannot understand and therefore cannot explain? No amount of persuasion can convince me that Santa Claus does not exist through people who celebrate Christmas, just as Christians believe Jesus exists through them today,

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