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The Beginnings of Santa Claus The evolution of the figure known as Santa Claus can be traced through religious, mythological, and cultural portrayals all the way back to the fourth century. It is amazing how the legend of Santa Claus has grown and evolved throughout history. And even more exciting how he has became a modern day icon during the Christmas season. What do you think of when you hear the words: strings of lights, carolers, snow, cookies and milk? Most often Christmas right? More often Santa Claus. Every boy and girl has felt the joy of Christmas eve, having family time, putting out treats for Santa, and then tossing and turning unable to sleep growing evermore restless about Santa's arrival. Although most know what Santa…show more content…
it was said that his body gave off a sweet smelling scent. This kept his boy incorrupt and cured the sick. His remains were taken to Bari, Italy in 1087 where it was said to still perform miracles. The pure spirit and intentions of Saint Nicholas are to thank those for inspiring the Christmas holiday. "To begin with, Saint Nicholas-that was his name to start with-is about the most overworked saint who ever existed" (Myers). All of this hard work and dedications made Nicholas stand out and held influence over our beloved image of Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas is one of the many characters that bloomed into Santa Claus. However, some of the legendary figures are fictional. One interpretation of Santa Claus is displayed by L. Frank Baum in The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. In this story, Santa Claus was a child left in the wood and was force to grow up among the immortal creatures of the surrounding forest of Burzee. The abandoned baby was adopted by a wood nymph called Necile. She raised him and love him as her own child. "Let him be called Claus,' answered Necile, 'for that means 'a little one." 'Rather let him be called Neclaus, 'returned the Queen, 'for that will mean, 'Necile's little one" (Baum). As Claus aged, he didn't understand why he was different and so he ventured out into the world in order to find his origins.

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