Santa Claus Research Paper

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On a cold night last Christmas Eve, my life changed dramatically. I was sound asleep, but I had the strangest dream that I was being kidnapped by Elf’s. Additionally, in my dream I was carried to Santa’s headquarters and proclaimed an elf. However, I was abruptly woken from my slumber when someone clubbed me over my head with a humongous candy cane. I was on an operating table, I looked outside and it was a Tundra. There was a nurse hovering above me with oddly pointy ears, “I’m glad you're awake” she exclaimed. “What happened” I asked. “Well, you sleepwalked all the way to the Northern Alaska. I noticed that I was wrapped in many heavy blankets, “You got hypothermia on the way here” she said. “I’m surprised you’re alive still” the…show more content…
I began with small volunteer projects such as making toys for impoverished children, which you could imagine I’d be really good at doing. Subsequently, I began to accomplish bigger and better things such as using magic skills I had learned to cure terminal illnesses and cancers. Despite all of the good I had done, the most memorable deed was when I ended all hunger in the US. How did I complete such a difficult task, you may ask, well the same way Santa Claus delivers presents. Every week I would fly a sleigh around the US at night and drop off abundant amounts of food to poor people. On the other hand, I am working tirelessly at a global scale to end hunger but that will take a lifetime to achieve that goal. Therefore, I have changed greatly from the experience mostly for the good, except for me not being able to reach anything on the top shelf. Also, it was still never explained to me how I became an elf in the first place. I will still continue to end world hunger until I die or grow too old. Every night I have flashbacks of my hospital time and I suffer permanent brain damage from being unconscious for such a long period of time. But all of these negative effects are offset by positive ones. After, this experience I have learned to always put others before
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