Santa Is Real Essay

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Is Santa real? This is the one question that everyone asks at some point in their life. I have been asking this for a long time. But I kept telling myself that he was real because I wanted him to be real. The magical tale of Santa going to every house in one night and leaving you presents was one of the most magical things and to know that was real was something magical.

But secretly, I had a small feeling that Santa was not real. Every year I would see more kids stop believing in Santa and I felt like I was standing in a world of darkness which kept on getting darker and darker each year. But I still was not ready to say that Santa was not real. I still wanted that little bit of magic in my life during the last month of the year where all of my worries would disappear for a minute and all I could see was Santa getting ready for Christmas up at the North Pole.

But I knew one day the day would come where I would be told that Santa wasn't real and I would join everyone in the world of darkness where I could not hop into Santa’s magical world and be swept away in his sled around the world.

This day came one rainy November day when I was in 9th grade. I was in high school. My world had turned upside down by change and
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But not like we thought. Santa is not one person who has a sled and give presents to everyone in one night. Santa is a flower that grows in everyone that gets a little bigger each year. This flower gives you the power to give to others, to spread joy, and do everything that Santa can do during the holiday season. So yes Santa is real because you are Santa, everyone is Santa. Everyone had a flower in them that will blossom in their mind garden that gives you the powers you always wanted at Christmas time. It is the one flower in your garden that stands out in your garden and seems to get a little bigger each year. That is the Christmas Flower and this flower makes that dark world colorful and
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