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Luc Santé's Resume is a personal account of cultural and socio-economical changes throughout Europe during the mid 20th century, and how they potentially correlated to impact his life. Resume consists of nine different life summaries, each with introductory constants (Luc Santé birth details, Lucien Santé's work history), before an opposing tale is expressed to conclude each paragraph. These vary in positive and negative connotations, but the concluding argument Santé's work puts forth aligns with the cliché that 'every action has a reaction'. In essence, one slight tweak in his life, or resume, starts a chain effect that differs each life from one another. Santé constructs his own identity foremost, but also the identities of his parents…show more content…
This repetitive identity can also be linked throughout the paragraphs, as opposing as they are, to the text's primary themes. The importance of money is a constant in Resume, as paragraphs beginning with Santé's father losing his job ends with his son struggling to survive, living in poverty and fear, or performing criminal acts. In the two paragraphs in which Lucien Santé did not fall out of an iron foundry job, Luc was educated and lived either a life of debauchery, or a life as a Jesuit. The two vehemently opposed each other, but they both allowed Luc to live by privileged means. This idea dictates that Santé believes the absence of parental income and support almost consigns the child into a poor life near unchangeable, insinuating that Santé's identity is one driven by pessimism. Santé also constructs identities for his parents, the two individuals featured apart from himself. He does this not by describing their characteristics and idiosyncrasies, but by stating the major events they were involved in that eventually shaped his life. Often throughout Resume, Santé describes how his parents shipped the family to a distant country, or at the very least away from Verviers, inevitably failing in their quest to start a new, better life. It is also worth noting the one time Santé's tale concludes as one of happiness and success, there is little parental involvement in his choices

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