Santiago Coelho's The Alchemist

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Intoduction About the author: Coelho experienced childhood in a white collar class family in Rio de Janeiro. His dad needed him to emulate his example and turn into a designer, yet in the wake of expressing his desire to be an essayist, was placed all through mental organizations for a long time. He turned into a nonconformist voyager, joined a clique for some time in Italy, and was held and tormented by the Brazilian police after a spell composing 'subversive' verses for a stone band.Now in his fifties, Coelho is one of the world's top rated writers, with 18 million books sold, The Alchemist representing around a large portion of that figure “The Alchemist” is the story of shepherd boy, Santiago who discovers a fortune beyond anything he could ever imagine. On the way, he figures out how to tune in to his heart and, all the more vitally, understands that his fantasies, or his Own Legend, are not quite recently his but rather part of the Spirit of the Universe. The following summary elaborates all the salient features of the story.…show more content…
He is youthful and alone, and wishes generously for genuine friendship, which he plans to discover with the wonderful young lady with the raven hair. In any case, in describing her response to his education, she appears to be constrained in her capacity to value his want for something more in life, an enthusiasm that is perceived and regarded by Fatima, whom he meets in the desert garden as he endeavors to find his Own Legend. Her affection is of an alternate assortment, one that urges him to take off higher than ever as opposed to requests that he take away his freedom to remain with her. Fatima communicates her affection as a desire to be with Santiago once he has gotten himself and is prepared to impart to
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