Sanyika Shakur's Monster : Literary Analysis

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When one is in the mindset of failure the very idea that we can grow through the experience seems so impossible. After all, who would want to grow at such a cost? The protagonist from Sanyika Shakur’s Monster: The Autobiography of An L.A Gang Member and Dan Millman’s Way Of the Peaceful Warrior both went about making like a playground for their greatness, while all the time missing the moments in life that matter.Although their journeys are definitely unique, both accomplished a sense of Growth Through Loss.
Shakur has been missing out on life ever since he joined the 83 Gangster Crips at age 11. He has been in and out of jail several times, for robbery, assault and attempted murder. Monster felt “ Prison was a stepping stone to manhood”(Shakur,163). Even though he lost his freedom he gained his manhood. Going to prison for him meant a boost of confidence and power to run things when he got out. Monster thought so highly of prison because he knew a greater surprise awaited him such as building up his name for the streets and gaining his manhood. The nickname "Monster" was given to him at 13 because he brutally beat a robbery victim. Despite, the difficult obstacles faced he shows personal growth over time throughout the novel. When in jail “[his] everyday actions demonstrated [his] seriousness in respect to [his] new direction”(Shakur,365). This demonstrates growth because he showed improvement in his lifestyle and was determined to take his life down a new path. One of the characteristics Shakur is shown in the novel Monster: The Autobiography Of An L.A Gang Member was manhood just like Dan Millman in his novel The Way Of the Peaceful Warrior.
Dan Millman has gained knowledge and manhood through the loss of enjoyment of life and freedom. Millman introduced us to his mentor Socrates who’ve given him insight on why he is dealing with hardships in his life. Socrates suggests that Dan does not enjoy his life, he feels he is suffering and thinks “[his] entertainments, [his] playful affairs, and even [his] gymnastics are temporary ways to distract [him] from [his] underlying sense of fear’’(Soc,50). This proves that Dan is not free from his self-illusions and does not enjoy life because his mind tricks him into

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