Sap Does Not Support The Airport Cmms Functional Requirements

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As it is implemented today, SAP does not support the Airport CMMS Functional Requirements.

However, many of the deficiencies are not software capability issues per se but rather process, configuration, and training issues associated with how the system was implemented. The current implementation is driven by the processes and business rules that have been defined and configured to date. As it specifically relates to PM, it appears the approach and initial attempts to implement the module were incomplete and related process decisions did not consider maintenance needs at the time. As a result PM is not and cannot be properly/fully used to its potential at this time.

SAP can be made to work, but it will require considerable effort and resources. Process engineering/re-engineering and customization, in addition to re-configuration and the addition of new modules are required to meet the Airport CMMS Functional Requirements. In some of these areas, ITSD has not had prior implementation/support experience with the SAP modules or technologies required and that too must be taken into consideration, particularly post-implementation.

While numerous needs and gaps are identified and detailed in this report, two critical issues are highlighted:

 The gap in materials management support for PM – the need for integrated end-to-end process support between purchasing, work order processing and inventory/warehouse operations as they relate to maintenance needs for…
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