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Sapere encourages children to discover their five senses, and then use this sensory awareness to explore a range of different foods and to better understand the importance of varied, healthy eating. It uses sensory learning, and lets children create their own perceptions of food. This method encourages children to touch their food, to talk about it to describe it and what they do or do not like about it. But it does not force the children to eat any foods if they do not want to, it simply provides them the opportunity to do so. I think one of the reasons it was so successful is because it simply provides and encourages children to try new foods, but never forces them. In class we’ve discussed that humans, especially children, are sensory oriented in learning. Sapere also provides kids with a sense of autonomy by letting them decide what foods they eat or designing their own cakes, and allows them to form their own thoughts on each food. They get to decide what foods they…show more content…
It provides them with a wide variety of healthy flavors, and lets the children discover which ones they love. The author also draws an excellent parallel between Sapere and the experiment conducted by Clara Davis. They both prove that if you provide children with a variety of healthy options, and let them choose what they want to eat, they will learn to eat better. It’s fascinating that allowing children to explore healthy foods on their own can actually alter their preferences for sugary or salty foods. I think the same idea can be applied to people later in life, who are struggling to lose weight or conduct a healthy lifestyle. Exploring healthy wholesome foods, and trying as many as you can, can shape your eating habits.You’ll learn to prefer the healthier foods, and even enjoy them. I think this also proves that changing your food preferences is not impossible later in
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