Sarah Casson Essay

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Sarah Casson is a brilliant 8th grader graduating from Littleton Preparatory Charter School who has a memorable personality. She has been a student here since 5th grade. It is difficult to determine where to begin because she is so incredible and inspiring. Sarah has clear goals and an inspiring and compelling personality. She is very thoughtful and has strong connections with her friends. The three things you must know about this spectacular person are her integrity in her relationships with family, friends, and her community, her strong and inspiring goals, and her passion about school and sports. Sarah has incredibly strong and powerful relationships with her family, friends, and community. She is motivated to push towards her goals by her family and friends. Her friend Elani has very strongly impacted her. She said that Elani was her first friend and that she helped her get through things and has stayed with her through highs and lows. Elani,…show more content…
Right now, Sarah is most focused on finishing out her 8th grade year strong. School and academics have always been her most prominent goals. In her life one general goal that she has is to be her best self and to put herself into everything that she does. Sarah’s plan to reach her goals is to work hard and put herself into everything. To ensure that she continues to improve and grow throughout her whole life, she said that she will continue to work hard and focus. Everyone makes mistakes and Sarah says that instead of allowing these mistakes to bring her down, she plans on learning from them by asking questions and trying to improve. One of Sarah’s ambitions is to go into law when she is older because many of the people in her family are lawyers and it interests her. Sarah knows that even with school and everything she still wants to fully experience life by trying new things, spreading her wings and opening her
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