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Human Resource Management

Assignment 2

Assignment Summary:-

The assignment briefs about how Sarah James, a student doing her International Major at Palm Lakes University (PLU), spend the summer at the Mexican Business School – Instituto De Negocios Internacionales (INI), faced cross cultural issues during the stay n Mexico at her host family. In an email to Dr. Jiminez, the Director of International recruitment for the Mexican University, she expresses her opinion on the learning and the problems she faced at with her host family. In the email the reader gets an impression that Sarah has negated the positive images Professor W.A. McGill of PLU and Dr.Jiminez of INI had about her. This case study emphasis the
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Jiminez to minimize the impact of the open mail sent by Sarah. The mail would create complications in the future relations between the two institutes and a speedy response would strengthen the relationship in the future. Professor McGill should be first apologetic to Dr. Jiminez on behalf of Sarah and PLU since the problem faced by Sarah was with the host family and not with INI or the Agencies. He should bring the attention of Dr. Jiminez to the fact that the very critical aspect of cross cultural adjustments was overlooked by both the schools when they embarked on these programmes.

To streamline the process and avoid such embarrassing situations in future, Prof. McGill should suggest the following to Dr.Jiminez:-

a. The host family and INI should have written agreement of dos and donts.

b. Both the schools should exchange the profiles of the students and host families based on which the students and host families could have an opportunity to select their choice.

c. There should be a proper preparatory sessions on cross cultural behavior for the students who are opting for study abroad opportunities.

d. There should be a systematic approach for selecting the host families and also the stipend level for the host family should be revised.

Prof. McGill should diplomatically handle the matter with Sarah. Any censure or criticism by Prof. McGill at this point could affect her morale

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