Sarah Ratchford 's Article, She Makes A Very Bold Statement

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It is no surprise that the internet can be a horrible place for avid users; especially for women, who never failed to be a main target to abuse, discrimination, and harassment. In Sarah Ratchford’s article, she makes a very bold statement by convincing its readers that “the courts have just sanctioned men to say whatever they want to women”. Essentially, she fails to convince its more educated readers and those who have more of a knowledgeable idea on the matter. She uses very aggressive emotional fallacies by using scare tactics; she also uses ethical fallacies through his hasty assumptions, and finally uses logical fallacies through her dogmatic approach. Ratchford’s tries to convince about the issue by mainly focusing on her combinations between emotional fallacies and her logical fallacies. In this particular article, Ratchford unnecessarily manipulates her readers by inducing fear. On a very controversial issue Ratchford makes many comments like, “Great, it’s open season on women now… You can say whatever you will about whatever woman you want, it’s just freedom of expression.”” By commenting like this, she makes those that already have strong feelings become angry. It makes women seem like they have no importance. It can catch the attention of those who are aware of social issues and can pertain to those who are against violence towards women, harassment, and women equality, though not through the right reasons. In addition to Ratchford’s scare tactics, she also uses
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