Sarap Strategic Management Paper

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This Paper was prepared as an example only of a Strama paper. The names of the companies and the data are fictional.

Our sincere thanks to Me-ann To for authoring this paper and for her generosity in sharing this paper with future Strama classes.

P.S. Please be sure to include the Cover Page and Table of Contents (Sarap Table of Contents.doc) in your own Strama paper.
Executive Summary

This strategic management paper aims to develop a viable strategy for the Sarap packaged soups business retail business in the Philippines. The global brand ‘Sarap’ first came into the Philippine market in 1972, with packaged soup cubes as its pioneering and flagship entrant in this high-potential Asian market. Sarap is a relatively
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The packaged soups category is considered to be one of the core categories since not only does Sarap packaged soups stand for the category in itself but it is also very profitable and is able to support other adjacent categories in the Sarap portfolio.

Sarap packaged soups are available in various retail channels nationwide - supermarkets, groceries, market stalls and sari-sari stores. It is sold at a very affordable price of Php 9.50 per shell box (box of 2 packaged soups) and Php28.00 per pantry box (box of 6 packaged soups).

Sarap has an estimated 500 direct hire employees working in different functions in head office whilst there are a thousand or so working in the different factories of Sarap’s 3rd party manufacturers and outsourced agencies.

Research Design & Methodology

The construction of this paper needed several facts and information which were obtained primarily through public and private sources alike.

The websites of the following government agencies were accessed to get the necessary and pertinent information needed as references for this study: ▪ National Statistics Office – ▪ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas – ▪ Department of Trade and Industry – ▪ National Economic Development Authority – ▪ Securities and Exchange Commission –


Summary of Frameworks,

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