Saras Secret Essay

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Saras Secret Moving to the big city was a big step for Sara. Her parents always warned her about the dangers of city life, but she never let the warnings hinder her decision. Her dream of a fast paced life has been with her for as long as she could remember, and nothing could change her mind. Sara was brought up in a small town about 200 miles from the city. This was a town in which everyone was friends with everyone, and most of the doors where never locked. Looking at this town was like looking at a painting that would be hanging up in a museum somewhere. In fact, Sara's house looked like, it too, would have its own painting. Nothing was ever out of place, it even seemed as though each blade of grass knew that it had a…show more content…
And at that point she thought that this day was one she was always going to remember. Not even two seconds after, she heard a woman screaming. It was a terrifying scream, she knew the women was in trouble. She looked all around, and heard it again. Looking up at an apartment building she noticed it was coming from the 4th floor. Sara knew that this woman was in a life or death matter, and that she was the only one who could help. To be able to help the women, Sara would have use her special talents, and that there was a risk of showing her true identity. But after another terrifying scream from the women, Sara was convinced her that it was a risk she had to take. Sara was the only one who could freeze time, and take the attacker as far away as possible. This is why her parents could never find out about her powers. If they knew that their daughter was different, they would end up distancing themselves from her. Sara grew up with this secret her whole life, but never really had to opportunity to use her powers to help others because of the very little danger in her hometown. Sara’s eyes were the tools that laid behind her powers, by just blinking, her powers could come to life. So after another scream, Sara blinked her eyes, and all the people in the city, country, world, became frozen as if they where mannequins in a department store window, trying to look lifelike. By flying up to the
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