Sarcasm In Sarcasm

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Sarcasm is a type of sentiment where people express their negative feelings using positive or intensified positive words in the text. It is a kind of sentiment which acts as an interfering factor in any text that can flip the polarity. While speaking, people often uses heavy tonal stress and certain gestural clues like rolling of the eyes, hand movement, etc. to reveal sarcasm. In the textual data, gestural clues are missing, making sarcasm detection very difficult for an average human. Due to these challenges, researchers show interest in sarcasm detection of social media. The www is growing at an alarming rate. Users havestarted participating actively on Internet by giving theiropinions on products, services and blogs. But sometimes
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For the world, sarcasm adds compelling form ofan interesting lingual problem and is a demanding task. For example, disparity of interpretation between every individual is one case of how sarcasmrequires a person to be able to determine the actual meaning of sentences. Although the study of sarcasm in judging of sentiment has recently appeared 15 years or less, the importance of sarcasm studies and significance of its result has already found its place before 21st centuries. From various viewpoints, there exist study of correlation between language and psychology-psycholinguistic. For example, pragmatic information subsist in sarcastic utterances, the relation between cause of workplace anger and sarcasm as a trigger to it, influence of mental state (e.g., attitude, knowledge) in each speaker to process sarcasm and research of children’s capabilities of understanding non-literal meaning in sarcasm. From a social facet, sarcasm in social mediais also deliberate perspective of one party to another, like a speaker to a listener. From medical aspect, it is about an examination of how a person with brain damage and injury understand sarcasm. From point of view of humour, sarcasm is categorized as the sub-form of
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