Sarcoidosis Is A Rare Multi-Organ Granulomatous Inflammatory

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Sarcoidosis is a rare multi-organ granulomatous inflammatory disease that can affect virtually any organ in the body. It causes the immune system to become heightened and damages the body’s own tissues. The archetypal feature of sarcoidosis is the formation of granulomas which are essentially microscopic clumps of inflammatory cells that have grown together.(“Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research,” n.d.) It is universally characterized by T-lymphocytes and mononuclear phagocytes of the granulomas.(Houston & Mukherjee, 2014) CS occurs when the formation of granulomas and inflammation develop in the heart. CS can occur secondary to Sarcoidosis or more rarely as a clinically isolated incident. Approximately 1-5% of Sarcoid patient will develop…show more content…
(Naruse et al., 2000) The other detected allele is the tumor necrosis factor allele (TNFA2) that is associated with increased production of tumor necrosis factor alpha. (Birnie, Nery, Ha, & Beanlands, 2016)
When considering infectious agents and environmental exposures such as insecticides and agricultural employment, there have been substantiated reports of community outbreaks and clustering of cases among working colleagues, and neighbors whom had a high occurrence of sarcoidosis, or sarcoid-like pulmonary disease in a limited area. One of the more notorious cases providing evidence that environmental exposure can lead to the development of Sarcoidosis was that of the firefighters who were at the scene of the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack. (Dubrey & Falk, 2010)
Studies from other groups have also associate mycobacterial, a bacterium group that includes the causative agents of leprosy and tuberculosis, and propionibacterial organisms, a bacterium that plays a roll in carbohydrate metabolism, dairy fermentation and skin conditions including acne as possible underlying etiologies of sarcoidosis based on tissue analyses and immunologic responses. Another proposed hypothesis is that sarcoidosis is caused by an active viable replicating infection while other groups contend there is no clinical, pathologic, or microbiologic

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