Sardines and Oranges: the Red Spot and Life on the Edge Comparison

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An ideal society is one where people are all equal and free; however there are many societies where inequality exists. This is evident in the stories ‘The red spot’ by Rabia Raihane and ‘Life on the Edge’ by Rachida El-Charni from the collection of short stories titled Sardines and Oranges. These stories are set in post-colonial North Africa in Morocco and Tunisia respectively to intended read by the members of the authors’ society. In the red spot, the protagonist is forced to marry a distant relative by the choice of her mother. During the story, the author’s opinions of oppression and lack of freedom is revealed. In contrast to Life on the edge, the father punishes his family members for losing his sheep and how the mother gives birth …show more content…
Oppression is also depict when the father orders the children to “Go and look for them – and do not come back until you find them” where the sheep are ‘them’. During the story, it was raining heavily in the dark. This demonstrates the authority of the father in a patriarchal society. Due to poor economy in post-colonial North Africa, they would not have much money, thus the wealth of a family would be depicted by livestock. He also knows the dangers of searching in the dark and rain, therefore the author connotes that his wealth is a superior asset in his opinion compared to his own family, revealing the idea of the father as the ruler of the family.
This is further emphasised when he comments “Let her”, his wife, “die, her life is cheaper than the sheep she’s made me lose” when the protagonist tries to persuade the father to help his wife giving birth. This demonstrates the philosophy in a patriarchal society as the father treats his wife as a belonging with a value compared to a human being. In this scenario, the father is comparing her life to the sheep, depicting her lower than his livestock.
The Red Spot also have strong relations to the role of women in
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