Sardonic Utterances

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As I approach the end of my novel, I can see how Joseph has changed during these past weeks. Before the sarcastic attitude and is rude comments was his immediate response to anything, now I can see that is reaction to other campers comments toward him are more kinder and moral. In the past, offers of help and assistance were ignored and answered with sardonic utterances often insults. On page 133 Kevin said “Yeah, you know, stay close in case you need me need,” and Joseph rudely responded “I don't need you for anything!” “I didn't mean... I just thought” “You thought wrong. You can go up the tower. I'll follow, if I want to.” This was rude and unkind of Joseph, but on page 204 Kevin ask Joseph if he needs assistance and Joseph responded with…show more content…
It needed to be something pretty bad If your author would have kept coming back to it. I sort of predicted that it would be murdered but it didn't seem something that a teenager would do; especially a kind and friendly teenager like Kevin. However, I was still surprised to know that he did murder his step-father but as I read on to page 205, he explained why. His rationale was somewhat acceptable, though I still think that murder was an over exaggerated response to the circumstance he was in. If I wouldn't have been so “close” to Kevin. Kevin was still a murderer and I wouldn’t have trusted him as much as Joseph did.

A part in this story that I liked was when Joseph said” I trust my father” and then Gord says “you do?” and then Joseph responds “Yeah I trust him to always do the wrong thing. He doesn't know it, but he's my guide. I had a thing but he does and do the exact opposite. In a situation like this how should Gord have answered? The way he did was wise and intelligent. He said “Well, you can learn almost as much from bad examples as you can from good ones.” This shows you that God has a lot of experience with these types of circumstances and is always worrying about the mental welfare of the
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