Sarefine Trial Moderator Analysis

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This is my SareFine Trial-Moderator application. Thank you for reading. I wish myself the best of luck in my application. Have a good day Zephirex -> Mukky -> Zephirex -> Zephey -> zepphh. Not planning of changing just as yet. Age: I'm 14 years of age. 15 years old this year. Timezone: I reside in the GMT timezone. How many hours can you spend moderating the server?: I can spend around 2-4 full hours of moderating on SareFine network. This can change because of homework, ect. However, on weekends, I can moderate 3-6 hours. Some people say they can moderate more than this, but to be honest, I don't believe they can. The bad news is that my parents decide to go somewhere without me knowing. So I may be offline some of the time when you…show more content…
I'm very mean to somebody in any way. I love helping people to make them welcome on the server. I will answer everyone's questions that they throw at me. I am very patient person. I will never get angry on somebody if they are being slow. For example, if they need time to go on to Team Speak, if they need sometime to ask a question. I'm also kind to people. I'm never mean to somebody. Even if they are annoying, I will always keep my own opinion to myself and never give it out to somebody. Secondly, another reason why I should be a moderator on SareFine is because I love helping a server out. At the moment I see myself as unhelpful Even if they want me to do the smallest things. I will help the server out as much as possible when I become Trial-Moderator. I will help out by stopping players in their tracks when they are cheating. When I am not 100% sure, I will watch them for a little longer to have more evidence or freeze them and ask them to go into Team Speak for a quick Screen Share. As I said I am familiar with the way to Screen Share somebody. I am able to make quality Staff Series's to should my work on the server. I can upload in full…show more content…
It can be anything like "Why is the server down?" I will simply answer with something like "Sorry, the server is currently down because we are working on fixing the server. Please stay tuned!" Another example is "Could you ban this person, he's name is Bacca156." I will answer by saying "I cannot follow this action. I'm not allowed to punish somebody without evidence." Finally, the last example is "You are such an *******!" I will then follow to mute this player without a
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