Sarin Gas Attack Case Study

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Sarin gas attacks in Syria. An attacker stabs a policeman close to the British parliament in London after a car ploughs into pedestrians on nearby Westminster Bridge. Active shooter situations in France, Florida, and San Bernardino, Ca. All of these situations have things in common. They were all part of well-designed plans and they were all carried out by groups or individuals who would later be found to be members of terror groups. First responders in these areas responded to these attacks based on information that they had at the time of the attacks and, hopefully, preparation made prior to these attacks. “Local police can identify potential terrorists living or operating in their jurisdictions, they can help protect vulnerable targets,…show more content…
With this mindset, there has been a greater emphasis on collecting intelligence on possible terror attacks and the prevention of, or the response to, these types of attacks. One part of this intelligence process is understanding what targets are valuable to terrorists and why, and not worrying to heavily about why the terrorists are attacking in the first place. “Local police cannot hope to deal with these distant causes; but by focusing on the four pillars of terrorist opportunity—targets, weapons, tools, and facilitating conditions—all of which are accessible to intervention, police can control the opportunities for terrorist action and planning. This means that the opportunities for terrorist exploitation must be identified at the local level where actions can be taken to reduce these opportunities. ” By collecting intelligence on terrorists, their potential targets and the possible effects of these attacks, those responsible for countering and responding to terrorism can better prepare themselves, and those they are responsible to, for these attacks. Some of the possible ways to attack U.S. citizens are nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, along with explosives, firearms, and even automobiles. Intelligence can be collected at the Federal, state, and local levels, but needs to be shared also. With proper dissemination of…show more content…
With proper intelligence and training, responders can set up networks to share information on possible terrorists and their potential targets. Joint Terrorism Task Force offices are excellent examples of agencies gathering and sharing information on potential terrorists or recent terrorist acts. With this type of information sharing, the chances of countering or even foiling potential terrorist acts increase. However, responding agencies must also be ready to respond and coordinate in case a terrorist is successful in his or her attack. Active shooter situations like those in San Bernardino, Ca. and Orlando, Fl. are two recent examples of successful terrorist attacks. These attacks were well planned and executed and resulted in the deaths of many. The response to this type of attack is rehearsed by many American police agencies on a regular basis and the national standard is for responding officers to move toward the sound of the gunfire. One thing that responders still need to work heavily on is coordination and teamwork between responding agencies whether they be law enforcement or rescue personnel. One consideration for a mass casualty event is the coordination of rescues of wounded individuals. The traditional training is for fire and rescue personnel to stage while law enforcement personnel make the area of operations safe. This philosophy was revisited after the theater shooting in Aurora,
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