Sarin Gas Research Paper

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There are many types of nerve agents, and sarin gas is one of them. Sarin gas is described as a “colorless, odorless liquid at room temperature” ( ). Even though the stockpiling is prohibited by the CWC, Afghanistan has tons of sarin gas. Sarin is one of the most toxic, and is ten times more powerful than tabun. Sarin gas can be evaporated into a vapor and spread into the environment. If sarin gas was to be released into the air, to effectively destroy the troop’s concentrations, people may be exposed through skin contact or eye contact, even by breathing the air that is contaminated. The extent of the poisoning will all depend on how much was released, how it was released, and how long the exposure lasted. Some side effects of sarin exposure are, runny nose, watery eyes, small pupils, eye pain, blurred vision, drooling and excessive…show more content…
In addition, these symptoms can be experience within seconds to hours of the exposure. This is quite a scary nerve agent; I mean the troops or anyone that is exposed to sarin gas, without even knowing it. Sarin gas has some long-term effects too, for those who survive the exposure; it can cause them long-term central nervous system effects, even changes in brain activity. When it comes to how we could mitigate such attacks, it is quite hard to establish since many attacks will not always be immediately apparent, since they can be odorless and colorless. With sarin gas once it is inhaled, the toxin attacks both the nervous and respiratory system, causing shortness of breath leading to suffocation, intense pain, and seizures. It is also quite hard to mitigate, because all chemical weapons are banned under the international law, but that has actually not stopped countries from using it ( ). One thing troops can do is be alert to the possible agent, be alert of indications such as, any unusual dead or dying animals in the area, victims displaying symptoms f any nausea, convulsions, disorientation, unusual vapors,
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