Sarkozy a Neoliberal

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Sarkozy the Neoliberal In his efforts to promote human rights in Africa, Sarkozy demonstrates neoliberal ideologies. African nations exceedingly exhibit human rights violations due to corrupt authoritarian regimes. Sarkozy argues for European involvement "to reach out to all those in the world ... who are persecuted by tyrants and dictators” (Sarkozy 196). With an optimistic outlook on global prospects, Sarkozy optimistically believes they could positively contribute to world trade. Liberty/morality He also calls “for the Africans to face up to their problems, including dictatorship and widespread poverty” (Abbrams 114). Through intervention, Sarkozy expresses the belief that the world is not inherently anarchic. He wants to…show more content…
He called for the creation of a Mediterranean union, of which Turkey could be a part (Bowen 11) Sarkozy: ‘The future we have in the Mediterranean is a choice between the worst war or the best peace’ (Carbone 165). Sarkozy is a strong proponent of environmental improvements by means of interstate cooperation. He proposes creating “a “World Bank” for nuclear fuel under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)” to which nations would contribute “financially or in kind, and it would guarantee shipments of civilian nuclear fuel as well as the reprocessing of fissile materials to all nations that desire to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes” (Sarkozy 201). Transnational interdependence and regimes like this would help with global interests. Promoting global interests and highlighting moral responsibility in an effort to foster cooperation is at the center of Sarkozy’s plan. He calls for the leading hegemony to take point on this issue and set an example for the rest to follow. “We need the United States to wake up and make this battle for the protection of our planet a battle of American democracy” (Sarkozy 205). The hegemonic power is in a unique position to influence the action of other states and is therefore responsible for upholding moral behavior. Dire to environmental protection is the cooperation of all state actors, not just the cooperation of the United States. “He went on to threaten to take action against
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