Sartell Girl Research Paper

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Her lustrous blonde hair flowed down her back like a waterfall gleaming on a warm summer day (simile), simply perfect. She walked confidently and audaciously through the hallway; her only worry in the world was what color shirt she should wear the next day to school. Her confidence dismayed almost anyone she passed by. If a student from a different high school were to describe her, she would be labeled as “an average Sartell girl.” The definition of an average Sartell girl: someone who is wealthy, conceited, and confident. This is a label that has been set in stone for as long as there has been a high school in Sartell, and I put this label on her. Our society today is known to give out labels. It is simply an unfair judgment, and it is how…show more content…
It was my first class, of my first day, of my first year at Sartell High School. As a freshman, everything about high school is nerve wracking. Simply just looking at an upper classman would send chills throughout your spine. Basically, school was prison at the time (metaphor). Every freshman would walk into their classes, crossing their fingers, and wishing to see one of their friend’s vibrant faces. I clearly remember that day; I trudged through the halls with some of my very best friends, and we tried to find our first classes. The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies swam up my nose (personification); I then realized that I must be close to my first class, foods and nutrition. Standing outside the room, I look in and notice the room was white and vacant (Participial Phrase). My stomach dropped to the floor; I knew nobody in this class. I quickly glanced around the bare room, looking for a familiar face. The only other girl in my grade was absolutely the last person I would want to share this class with. She looked like somebody I would not normally want to associate with, conceited and stuck up. With rapid, quiet feet, I walked into the classroom, and I heard the rustling of papers (Prepositional Phrase). This could only mean one thing, a seating chart. I scurried through the chart and found my spot. Of course, I sat next to her, the cruelest girl in school,
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