Sartre Condemned To Be Free

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According to Sartre, man is free to make his own choices, but is "condemned" to be free, because we did not create ourselves. Even though people are put on Earth without their consent, we must choose and act freely from every situation we are in. Everything we do is a result of being free because we have choice. The only choice we do not have is that of having choices. Not only are we condemned to be free because we did not choose to exist, but we are also condemned to be free because we are the only thing that exists that has to be responsible for all of our actions. However, how do we know that God doesn't have everything determined for us and just leads us to believe that we are free? The truth is that we don't know, and won't until we leave this earth. It is now up to us to decide if our freedom is to be valued, and to choose the way we want to use our freedom. Sartre's main point is that from the moment we are thrown into the world, we must be completely responsible for all of our actions. There…show more content…
The use of the phrase "condemned to be free" sounds like Sartre see's this freedom as an inconvenience rather than a blessing. Since Sartre doesn't believe in God, he is seen as alone in the world with no one to depend on but himself. According to Sartre, God does not exist, and therefore cannot limit what we do or how we act. A person cannot make excuses for their actions, because there is no God to respond to, and he has chosen them on his own. We are condemned to face life and the responsibility that comes with it. Even if Sartre believed in a God, it still wouldn't help what he is trying to express. If God existed then some people would just want to let God make their decisions for them, which gives people an excuse for their actions, and takes away all sense of freedom. Or people would have to decide if they wanted to follow God's rules in the first place, and would then have to be responsible for this
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