Sartre's Analysis

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It is said that nature made men equal in mind and body, but are all men created equal if some are born with different desires than the other? Some controllable, and some not so controllable. If someone were to act upon a certain desire, and another person had the same desire but did not chose to act upon it, one may be viewed as a wrongdoer and the other person might not receive any judgements for having that desire because they did not act on it. A case in March 2003, of a man with a Right Orbitofrontal Tumor inside of his brain, (“Orbitofrontal abnormalities are associated with poor impulse control, altered sexual behavior, and sociopathy.”) During the time of this diagnoses, he began to accumulate child pornography magazines, and developed…show more content…
Another point Sartre makes is that “the first effect of existentialism is that it puts every man in possession of himself as he is, and places the entire responsibility for his existence squarely upon his own shoulders.” A person is in control of their body, no one else, so for this case, who would be to blame, if not the 40-year old man? If the blame was not placed upon this man, despite having the tumor, how may the victim, his stepdaughter, feel? Her rights were violated, therefore there has to be a…show more content…
This entails that the 40-year old man’s decisions have affected others, and not just himself, therefore he is responsible for what he has done. I argue that although the tumor may have pushed for pedophilia to occur, and can be a reasonable factor towards his actions, I believe he is guilty for his actions, but he should have years of rehab in replacement for jail since the tumor being removed did stop him from having such desires. He should also be required to have frequent check-ups, even after his tumor was removed, because he was rewarded back into the home where his stepdaughter
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