Sartre's Philosophy Or Free-Will?

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Everyone is inescapably responsible to deal with the situation that they find themselves in. Baron D’holbach might have thought that free-will was doing what is objectively possible, but Sartre sees free-will as what is subjectively possible. Have you ever been standing in the edge of a cliff or a tall building and thought, ‘I could jump down if I wanted to’. You most likely didn't jump, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. But what about the people who did jump? To others it might have seen like suicide, but to the jumper, they were simply radically exercising their freedom. Sartre’s philosophy is simple, existence precedes essence. As blank slates are born, so we get to choose what we want to become. Who we are is aldo defined by what…show more content…
We say we don’t have any other choice, but more often than not, we do. Choice makes us and anxious and can paralyse us because weight of liberty is overwhelming. Whether we like it or not, everything we do is a choice, even not making a choice. One chooses to be born and to live in every breath one takes. It is argued in this article, that others choose to poison people for profit so these exploiters should have all the blame. But the ultimate choice was done by the person who picked their poisson. It’s easy to blame the ignorance of the doctors, the greedy pharmaceutical companies, and the corrupt politicians. We can blame them all we want, but ultimately, the only actions we can control are our own. People who profit from the opioid crisis will live merrily and die peacefully and they would never experience any justice. This world is absurd; there isn't and ultimate judge, no god. Exercise caution, for hell is other people. The opioid crisis is a societal existential crisis. It is an American crisis and therefore every American’s responsibility to do something. This war on drugs is our war. We need to decided to live as free as we are, and come together to create the society that we want. Life is like a mountain, it has no purpose, no meaning so we are free to do whatever we want, we are responsible to assign a meaning to it. If we as humans have consensus that we want to create a world of accountability, justice, and fairness than we must work together to make create
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