Saskia's Frozen Tradition

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October 31st, 1995. It was Halloween, Saskia and her family’s favorite time of year. They had this tradition with apples where they would carve an apple into a scary creature and throw them at kids who tried to vandalize people’s home when out of town. Saskia loved this tradition with her all her heart and certainly wasn’t going to break tradition because her parents passed away just last year on Halloween. Ever since the shooting at her father’s store Saskia had taken it upon herself to take care of her sister Rin and make sure she turns out to be a good person, someone their parents would love to call daughter. The best way to start bringing her sister back to her happy self and commemorate her parents was to go into the basement and carve…show more content…
Leaving her room she was about to enter Rin’s room when she heard a tiny whimper and a shuffling in the bathroom down the hallway. Saskia bolted for the bathroom, the hallway never felt so long to her before. As she was about to enter the bathroom a man, a strong, tall, and very well built man ran out of the bathroom running toward the window at the end of the hall. Saskia griped her knife and lunged at him, but apparently missed because he succeeded in jumping out the window with a practically a perfect landing and ran. Too concerned for her sister’s wellbeing Saskia ignored the broken window and the man and whipped into the bathroom to find her sister lying on the bathroom floor looking just like what her mother did that night, eyes staring at the ceiling as if all the life had been drained out. Kneeling down next to her sister Saskia started to sob profusely. She couldn’t stop. Pulling Rin up into her arms, she thought. Her only sister, her only family left is now gone. She continued sobbing, then she stopped, it was unmistakable. Rin’s body was smothered in the scent of the man that killed their parents, but why would that murderer have come back? Was he trying to finish off something that he started, if so why didn’t he kill me? Looking at her knife she noticed it had blood on it, apparently she did manage in taking a…show more content…
The police has come and gone. The only good they had done was identify the killer using the blood from the knife. His name was Christopher Whitehill and he has been connected to three other murder cases and several other theft charges. If the police couldn’t catch him in the twenty years he has been doing this then there is no telling when they will accomplish this task. So Saskia decided to take thing into her own hands and not wait around, this was the chance for revenge and she wasn’t going to let it slip away from under her
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