Sasquatch Short Stories

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Lisa hears crows telling her la'es, which means go to the bottom of the ocean. Lisa, Jimmy sister received a call from the coast guard saying that Lisa brother, Jimmy is lost at sea Everyone is anxious about Jimmy's disappearance. Glady's and Albert, Lisa parents flight to Namu to help find Jimmy. They believe this is where Jimmy disappeared, while Lisa stayed home with her aunt Edith. Lisa experiences flashbacks of their childhoods, which intertwined with the present life and how the memories lead to her life now. Lisa dreams of his brother being on Monkey beach. Firstly, Lisa remembers of their father telling them stories about Sasquatch when they were children's. They went on Monkey beach, where Jimmy wanted to take a photo of the Sasquatch because he wanted to win a reward for a photo of Sasquatch. Lisa sees a sasquatch, but does not tell Jimmy.…show more content…
Secondly, at the end of the summer at the beach, when Mick came back, with Tab, Erica, and Jimmy. They met a new girl, Adelaine who is very beautiful. Lisa left Jimmy and her mother tells her some day she will miss having her brother around. Lastly, she remembers, during a funeral, Ma-ma-oo and Trudy did not get along because Ma-ma-oo said something was wrong with Josh. Tab tell Lisa why Ma-ma-oo and Trudy didn't get along because Ba-ba-oo was abusive and Ma-ma-oo chose to send Mick and Trudy to a residential school instead of kicking Ba-ba-oo out of the house. Flashbacks reminded her things she had seen, but nobody else had. The memories gave her the feelings of uncertainty where dreams connect to another world. After, Lisa having dreamy days, she receives a call from her parents that Jimmy boat has been found. There is a hope that Jimmy is alive, so Lisa set on the journey to find Jimmy so they can be reunited once
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