Sat The Threat Of Humanity

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The figure of Satan represents all of our fears both conscious and unconscious. Psychologically speaking we could amount the Devil to our subconscious while God could be associated to our conscious. Our subconscious holds all of our primal wants and fears, such as our sexual desire, the fact that we want a particular item or our fear of believers of other religions to name only a few. That is why the figure of Satan always seems to reflect so well the biggest fears of humanity, intrinsically in our unconscious, we all share the same fear of the unknown, death and chaos. Essentially, we seek to put a face on those concepts to master those fears, yet those uncertainties can never be correctly understood and will always remain in the back of our head. Still, having the figure of Satan in the place of those fears helps to quell the uneasiness most people feel when dealing with the unknown. In the same way, the Devil was able to retain its great influence due to its accurate representation of our most fundamental fears and provided a focal point to them which helped keep the fears in check as well as producing a good outlet to externalize our feelings of hate and frustration brought by these concerns.
Upon examination of the Old Testament, it can be found that evil was first attributed to God as a punishment for deviating from the right path. Since God is all-knowing and all-powerful he controls every aspect of the cosmos, he is thus responsible for every actions made by every
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