Sat and Its Disadvantages

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The SAT test was originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the Scholastic Assessment Test. The name was formally changed in 2004 to the SAT Reasoning Test, although it is still commonly known simply as the SAT. It is the oldest and most widely used standardized admissions test in the United States. It measures reading, writing, and math abilities, as well as problem-solving skills. The SAT has undergone many revisions during its history, but it is currently composed of three main sections: critical reading, mathematics, and writing, with each of these sections divided into three parts. There is also an experimental or equating section that can be used in any of the three major sections. This section is used for normalizing…show more content…
For example, there are some cases of grade inflation at schools making it so that grades are merely letters and don't necessarily reflect the student's ability. Additionally, the newly added writing component tests the students' writing ability, which one cannot do without when it comes to higher education. If a person cannot write well while in high school, he/she will have a rude awakening in colleges when several term papers are due during the same week. Not only does the SAT reflect how well one is to do in college, but it also puts every applicant on the same level academically. This gives the colleges an easier time when it comes to admissions because they don't have to take so much time to look through everyone's full application. Also, the standardized test allows them to set a standard (e.g. a score of 1275 or above) on which to measure each student. The SAT should not be considered a necessary component of college admission criteria. By no means is it a test that accesses the academic ability of a student, nor is it a good indicator of how well he/she does the first year in college. This standardized test doesn't prove anything about a person's abilities and is only detrimental to those taking it.... There are some who believe that a high SAT score can predict how well you’ll do in college. I, however, don’t believe it can. A high SAT score can really only
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