Satan As A Hero In Paradise Lost

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The true hero of Paradise Lost is Satan because He receives a noble birth, Was a warrior, and travels all around the earth many times. Throughout Paradise lost by John Milton, it states many times with evidence that Satan is truly the hero in the story. The article The idea As Satan As The Hero Of “Paradise lost” by John Steadman, shows evidence from paradise lost that explains how Satan is viewed as the hero and not the villain. This Paper will show that Evil sometimes prevails and is the hero of it all, and with the evidence given from each paper should be enough to prove this. Although it seems unusual that the king of evil and leader of hell could ever be a hero, but if looked at carefully, characteristics of an epic hero can be seen. From being tossed out of Heaven, to tricking Eve into eating the apple from the Garden, his journey was definitely epic.
Satan’s noble birth was definitely unusual and not typical to other epic heroes. The point is that Satan is not your average hero. He is furtive, untrustworthy, and just plane evil. How can someone or something be that evil and still be a hero? It all starts out with his birth, or rebirth so to speak. When God “hurld headlong flaming from the erthereal skie” (milton 45), and he layed in hell and all he could think of is anger, hate, and evil. God had just picked up Lucifer and threw out of heaven and into hell Because “the hero in Paradise Lost was unsuccessful” (Steadman 257). This was the end of lucifer, and the beginning of Satan. This Rebirth has given Satan noble because it came directly from the big man, and that certainly makes it very special.
Satan's war did not last long, but He was still a warrior. There is nothing about a epic hero saying that you have to be a great warrior and win. Satan was neither of these, and payed the price for it. Being a warrior is a trait of an epic hero and even though satan was not a very good one, he still qualifies. He had challenged God, who then “had cast him out from heav’n, with all his host of rebel angels, by whose aid aspiring to set himself in glory above his peers” (Milton 38). Satan and his army who were turned angels all failed to overthrow God and therefore got kicked out of heaven and thrown into
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