Satan, Mephisto, Lucifer, And The Devil

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Satan, Mephisto, Lucifer, the Devil, antichrist, all these names signify the prince of darkness, the monster. Throughout history, in art and literature, depictions of the devil has changed. I will be analyzing three pieces written in different centuries to point out the changes in depictions. And also, analyze what was going on during that time period and also where it was written. This will help explain why these depictions are what they are and why they have changed over the years. In the end will be making parallels to Cohens’s “Monster Culture” and as well as other topics talked about in this course. The devil is many things but I think that most can agree that the devil is evil itself the enemy of the light. What I have noticed is…show more content…
When there is economic and social tension that leads to political tension and the whisperings of civil war in England as well as increased chance of war with other countries. The potential of a religious war was great because of Henry VIII break form the Catholic Church, so he could divorce his wife, making religious tensions rise and unstable. Which eventually led to a religious war. Satan’s character changes significantly throughout the poem. In the beginning he is a great leader and strong figure but in the end Satan goes back to hell in the form of a serpent. Satan’s fall in Paradise Lost is shown by the different shapes he takes. He starts as a fallen angel of imposing presence then he is disguised as a cherub, then a bird, a toad, and finally a serpent. Not only does his shape change but his reason begins to fail. He begins to tell himself that the struggle he feels inside himself is a reason to do more evil. Satan believes that Earth is more beautiful than heaven he becomes demented and believes his own lies. Satan is presented in Paradise Lost as something that is not able to think morally and in the end all he is, is a fallen angel who is blind to God’s love and grace and is unable resolve his past due to his eternal punishment. 17th Century England was under a lot of pressure, economically, politically, socially and religiously. Satan was depicted in this time as nothing but an agent of evil and

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