Satff in the Work Place and The Twenty-First Managers Essay

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There is a growing understanding that managers of the 21st century need certain theories to help and support them when dealing with staff in the work place. Theories such as Maslow, Hertzberg , Mayo , John Adair , Mc Gregor and Fredrick taylor
The 21st century manager has an immense importance in the workplace because; they have the responsibility to make sure teams develop their skills and achieve their set goals in the workplace.
In this essay, I will firstly attempt to analyze and evaluate the importance of teams in the 21st century, drawing upon the theories and research around group development and teams achieving individual and group organizational objectives in the workplace. Secondly, the different types of impacts that the 21st
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Fredrick Taylor’s theory will help the business meet its objective motivating its staff by financial rewards such as bonuses, vouchers, holiday discount and discount cards. It’s important that the workplaces keeps motivated to keep productions levels high. The 21st century manager could also use this theory to remind staff that there are opportunities like financial rewards for staff, this could motivate them more.
It is very important that individual members can work well with others as stated in the article “The truth is that individuals are the smallest units within their teams and that their personal abilities affect various outcomes in their teams.”(Bob Kelly, Demand Media).This means one persons effort in a team can affect the whole team overall outcome in completing a task this is where Hertzberg theory is important. Hertzberg theory is based on meeting the individual needs of the team; this includes status, opportunity for advancement and responsibility these factors should make team member work harder to achieve their individual goals and in order to do this they will ne to be able to work well in a team.
Hertzberg theory has been put into practice by Tesco, Tesco have found that,”This benefits the individual by providing career progression. It also benefits Tesco by ensuring the

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